Welcome to the Institute for Biblical Leadership

I am delighted that you have chosen to become informed about The Institute for Biblical Leadership. It is our sincere desire at ibllogoI.B.L. to serve Jesus Christ by serving His multi-faceted Body. Our passionate, well equipped team is eager to serve you, through every venue possible.

Please feel free to browse through the website, receive a short word that will encourage you on the Prophetic Insights page, browse the materials in our webstore and discover the wealth of information available to you.  Continue to browse and locate where our next event will be hosted.  You are always welcome to attend, just RSVP our office to let us know you will be attending.

Now, let me explain to you the “Target of Mastery”.  The Target of Mastery is a phrase I have coined regarding the three levels of mastery we offer for those in whom we are in relationship.

3ringtargetOur target of mastery level begins with the outer circle.  This circle is defined as our educational branch of I.B.L., Dominion Seminary of Theology. This outer circle is academic in nature, and the beginning mark for those entering into self-mastery.

The middle circle between the outer circle and the bulls eye is The Institute for Biblical Leadership.  I.B.L.  This circle is defined by personal development of those individuals already in a leadership role.

The most inner circle is the bulls eye.  This circle is representative of Dominion International Network.  This bulls eye defines the level of those who have obtained a measure of personal mastery whom we can recommend to the Body of Christ and the world as one who is integral and whole.


+1 #2 Joe Herrera 2016-12-05 13:41
I would like to make this short comment. My wife and I had the privilege of having dinner last night with Dr Ray & First Lady Melissa, we sat down and had a great conversation. We are truly blessed in our network to have such a dynamic power team. Thank you kindly for listening and giving us direction. God bless you and this network of truly gifted and caring people.
+2 #1 Jason Lucadou 2016-05-12 16:44
Who is this institute accredited through? What is the education accreditation? Thank you
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