Dominion Seminary of Theology


Dominion Seminary of Theology is the Educational Branch of The Institute for Biblical Leadership, and the outer circle of the target of mastery.  Dominion Seminary is a high quality, both undergraduate and graduate level higher learning institution.  Dominion Seminary offers degrees in Biblical Theology, Sacred Literature, Biblical Counseling and Biblical Humanities.

GraduationWomenThe uniqueness of Dominion Seminary is defined by the personal development programs of IBL.  All IBL programs are integrated into the curriculum of Dominion Seminary.  Fifty percent of the student's grade is personal development, and is determined through the personal assessment process where the student is personally assessed and graded every ninety days based upon personal growth.

Each fourteen week course is a six credit hour course. Three credit hours are granted for academic achievement.GraduationClassSeated The other three are granted for personal development mastery.  Dominion Seminary is unique because it is designed to be a personal one on one relationship experience.  Therefore, each Seminary campus is local church based and not available over the Internet.

GraduationGirlOur mission and passion is to develop twenty-first century leaders who are not just knowledgeable and gifted, but KNOW themselves through personal awareness, personal discovery, personal development, and ultimately personal mastery.  GraduationWe want to help bring a halt to gifted leaders who experience tremendous success outwardly but because they were driven by gifting, refused to develop personal awareness, are ensnared, and thus cause many to fall. (Satan can only sift me, in the dark area of my lack of awareness).

GraduationWomanTuition at Dominion Seminary is extremely affordable.  Payments for classes can be made by semester or on a weekly basis.  Our education is second to none, and life applicable.  You won't be overwhelmed with eight hundred page books that will leave you disillusioned. We will provide direct, concise information that will be informative and immediately applicable. GraduationDrRaywLadies However, your learning experience will be broad based to train you to master critical thinking skills for your call. (We do not want to teach you what to think, but how to think).

If you are interested in attending a DST Campus, or would like to start one at your church, please contact us.

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