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Are you aware that seventeen hundred pastors a month leave the ministry in the U.S., because of burnout or moral failure!  Forty percent have admitted to at least one extra marital affair!  Eighty four percent live at burnout levels!  Fifty percent of pastors state “they would leave the ministry and do something else if they knew they could support their families.”
Most of these statistics are products of church government that is not biblical, but political.  Over worked, under paid ministers attempting to be a full staff for their churches.  These pastors represent ninety six percent of all churches in the U.S. whos average attendance is one hundred or less.  Statistics tell us that these pastors live with a constant stress level higher than the office of the President of the United States.  These statistics also inform us that a minister preaching or teaching under the anointing for one hour is equivilent to eight hours of physical labor.  Multiply this by two or three times a week, plus forty hours in the office, hospital and home visitation, training leadership, administration, preparing for services and a minimum of ten hours of counseling a week; well you add up the work load and see how much time he has for his family who feels abandoned!
The Institute for Biblical Leadership is attempting to steer the curve, but we are barely scratching the surface with Round-tables and Retreats.  What if we could help remove the heavy burden of counseling loads from pastors, and give them a competent team of people who could help carry the load?
Since 2001, The Institute for Biblical Leadership has been training, certifying and licensing competent Christians to fulfill their ministry in Christian counseling.  Our graduates have engaged in ministry on many levels, from simply counseling hurting people as a tool of evangelism to opening counseling centers in their churches, to developing counseling teams in local churches to remove the load from their pastor, to opening their own 501(c)3 counseling ministries.
In 1993, Dr. Vinson developed a Christian wholeness training program for church leadership.  The program was designed to assist church leadership in the understanding and integration in principle of wholeness and freedom.  The program became a great success!  In September of 1996, the Texas Congress passed a House Bill allowing the training and recognition of faith-based ministries who qualified, to train and certify competent individuals in the principles of christian counseling.  The state recognizes this certification, however it does not validate it to be state approved, (seperation of church and state).
The 1993 leadership development was modified and upgraded.  By the time the program was finished, it had a one hundred page, ten chapter certification syllabus, with a sixteen clock hour live or audio course completion requirement called FOUNDATIONS TO FREEDOM.  Added was an extra syllabus and another sixteen clock hour course completion for licensing called FREE AT LAST!.  Thus became what is known as FORMATION THERAPY (trademarked).
Formation Therapy is IBL's Trademark counseling model for Christian therapy.  The word FORMATION comes from Isaiah 43:1,7- Where God says "But now thus says the Lord, I have created you O Jacob, and I have FORMED you O Israel, I have redeemed you, I have called you by name you are mine!"
The word FORMED, means to shape or fashion under pressure, in Hebrew.  The word THERAPY comes from the word therapon in the Greek.  It means to heal!  Simply placed together, FORMATION THERAPY  is much more than a counseling model, it is a model of principles leading to freedom, that become a lifestyle discipline, that leads us into a journey of greater self awareness, discovery, development, and ultimately, self mastery. (Galatians 5:23)
If you would like to enter the quest of Formation Therapy Certification through the Institute for Biblical Leadership, please feel free to download the Registration Packet, fill it out, and mail it to our office.   Upon the assessment of the information enclosed, you will receive a phone call for an interview with Dr. Vinson or one of the IBL staff.
The cost of training and certification is $279.00.  You may take the course in a live seminar or take it corrspondence.  Which ever your choice, you will receive the one hundred page syllabus, the sixteen CD album of a seminar, certification as a recognized "Formation Therapist," and membership as a "Fellow" inducted into The Institute for Biblical Leadership, with staff counseling support.
So what are you waiting for?  Isn't it time you step out, receive excellent training, and begin fulfilling your call to the Body of Christ and the world as a competent, Christian healer?
We are waiting to help you develop to your greatest potential!  Download the Registration Packet  HERE and together lets get started!

JUST ADDED!!  If you, or someone you know, are interested in the course for personal growth ONLY (NO certification), you may join us for the small fee of only $79, to cover materials and expenses!!


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