About the Ministry Network

What is Dominion International?

dominionIntlDominion Intl. is the inner circle in the target of mastery!  As the inner circle, it is the most intimate level of relationship and contribution.

Where I.B.L. is an entity of the target of mastery promoting fellowship, Dominion is the entity providing relationship for Ministers, Church leaders, and Christian business people.  We believe that through true relationship, a unique dynamic can be created for accountability without control.

How does one become a part of Dominion Intl?

As a senior fellow progresses through I.B.L., practicing the art of fellowship, we look for mastery in seven areas, all of which are found in I Pet. 1:5-9

1)  Godliness

2)  Self Awareness

3)  Self honesty

4)  Integrity

5)  Character

6)  Clarity

7)  Contribution

When the senior fellow has proven mastery in the seven areas, they are invited into Dominion Intl. for intimate relationship, oversight and potential credentialing.


Upon completion of the first year of relationship and contribution in Dominion Intl., the senior fellow will be presented the “Sword of Wisdom” as a token of covenant, (I Sam. 18:1-4) between the senior fellow and Dominion Intl..

RingofMasteryUpon the completion of five years of relationship and contribution in Dominion Intl., the senior fellow is presented the "Ring of Mastery."

What are the responsibilities of Dominion Intl. toward the Covenant Fellow?

1. Personal intimate oversight by your overseer for you, your family, ministry, or business.
2. Formation coaching at no cost to you.
3. All I.B.L. materials and products at no cost to you.
4. Seminary training at fifty percent off tuition.
5. Potential credentialing.
6. Counselor certification and licensing at no charge to you.

What responsibilities are expected by the Covenant Fellow toward Dominion Intl.?

1. Pursuit of intimate relationship and covenant with other covenant fellows of Dominion Intl..
2. Continued personal development in Truth, Spirit and the Word of God.
3. Participate in Dominion Intl. functions.
4. For the minister, tithing to your Dominion overseer, as a “sign that Christ lives.”  Num. 18:26-28, Heb. 7:8
5. For the business person, we expect you to tithe to your pastor, and contribute 5% to Dominion Intl.


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