March 2012 - The Most Avoidable Subject On The Planet

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The psalmist David had more revelation than most New Testament followers of Christ.  This is what He said concering death in the 23 Psalm, verse 4:,  "Though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death I will fear no evil."  Notice point one, David said, death had a valley.  Beloved, a valley is just that: it is not a pit!  Point two,  He also said, this valley was in a shadow.  In other words, death has no substance, it is only a shadow.  Point three, since death is in a valloey of a shadow, David tells us, there is nothing to fear!  David simply saw death as a shadow, not a substance to be feared.

David goes on to say in Psalm 116:15, "Precious in the sight of Jehovah is the death of His saints."  Hold it!  I'm confused!  How could God desire us not to be introduced to death, and now say it is precious?  Could it be that David saw into the futre the finished work of Christ, and recognized that death now is simply the revolution of life?  God does not see death as we see it.  This is why it is precious to Him.  Why because as much as we think we are alive, we can't begin to imagine how alive we can be, when we cast off this flesh of corruption and dressing up in incorruption.  Death is not definitive!  It is only a tranfer from a limited dimension into a limitless dimension.  Notice the revolution.  You came from Christ, (Eph. 1:3,4) and in the transfer you return to Christ.  The beauty is that behind the transition of death, is the other transition, called Ressurection! 

There are some truths about resurrection that most cannot yet hear, so let's discuss what we can hear.  For example, heaven as a physical residence was not created for you and I.  We were created a trinity, in the image of God.  Spirit, Soul and Body.  God is Father, Son Holy Spirit.  Can you imagine the Father telling the Son or the Spirit, I'm transferring to another dimension and I do need you any longer!  That would be rediculous.  Why, because they are ONE!  Beloved in the same manner you are ONE.  Spirit , Soul and Body.  Why would God create you as a spirit being, placed in an earth suit for earth habitation, only to disect you in the end.  Once again, REDICULOUS!  Yes, you are spirit, yes, you are a heavenly citizen, however, this planet is your home.  God created you for earthly habitation, gave the earth to you and commanded you to have dominion over it.  So what does this mean?  It means, the heavenly dimension we experience in death is a temporary residence until the Church and the Spirit have done their job  restoring all things to Christ!

Notice what Paul says in I Cor. 15:54,55, Therefore, death is swallowed up in VICTORY!  O' grave where is your victory?  O' death where is your sting?

Dear One, do you have the prophetic propensity to see beyond where you are now, and realize from this moment until you put on incorruption, YOU WIN?  Can you like David see into the future and realize, there may be a great transistion in the future, but because of the finished work of Christ, it serves you?  That right, it does not come callin' you, you call it when you have finshed your race and you are ready to transfer!  Then why do so many die prematurely?  Because of their ignorance of this revelation.  Jesus and Paul could not die until they were finshed!  How about you? 

Don't fear death!  Christ has conquered it!  It is your servant!  Stop serving it through Fear!

Remember, you are incredible, irreplaceable and irresistable!  You are LOVED!


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