April 2012 Insight - What came first, the Question or the Answer?

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As I sat back in my chair studying the confusion written on her face, I sighed and said,  "Let me explain it to you in the simplest of terms, but first answer the question".  What comes first, the question, or the answer?  The frustration was apparent as she replied, "the question of course".  Wrong I said, you have a distorted view of God's designed purpose.  I said to her, "let me explain."  Many believers think when we pose a question, God must shuffle quickly to create an answer.  This line of thinking in our belief systems keeps God behind the eight ball.

I went on to explain to her Isaiah 34:16 where God says, "Seek from the book of the Lord and read; Not one of these will be missing; None will lack it's mate."  I continued to unfold the principle by stating that God is not scrambling to find an answer for our question but rather, the question and the answer are mates designed by God before time.  Therefore, the question only exists because the answer is calling it's mate!

The old Chinese proverb comes into play here.  It says, "When the student is ready, the teacher will appear".  So, in our principle, when the answer is ready to be revealed by God to you, the question will appear in your heart, and cry out for it's mate!  Therefore, there is no unemployed question!  The question only exist because the answer is ready to be revealed!

By this time, I can see by her facial expression, the light bulb in her head is turning on, and the excitement covering her face. I went on to share with her how this applies to the prophetic dimension.  Let me now share it with you.

When the question was asked by many two thousand years ago, " how do we know Jesus is the Christ"?  They could discern if Jesus was the Christ because they already had the answer!  What did they know about the coming Messiah?  Several things, first, He died in his early thirties.  Second, He would be crucified on Mount Moriah.  Third, He would carry his cross to that mountain on His shoulders, and fourth, He would be the sacrifice!

How did the leaders of Israel know this?  They knew this because of a "type and shadow" recorded in Genesis 22:1-14, (I encourage you to read the passage).   The first thing we notice is Abraham is told by God, "Sacrifice your son, your only son."  Second, Abraham takes his servants and son on a three day journey and arrives at the foot of Mount Moriah.  He says to his servants, "remain here, while the lad and I go worship and WE will return. Thirdly, wood for the burnt offering is place on the back of Isaac to carry to the top of Mount Moriah for the sacrifice. Isaac was in his early thirties at this time.  Fourthly, the altar is built and Isaac asks his father, "father, where is the sacrifice"?  Abraham replies" God will provide HIMSELF a sacrifice.  Abraham instructs his son to position himself on the altar for sacrifice.  As Abraham lifts his knife to cut Isaac's throat, he hears a ram stuck in the thicket and God saying, do not harm the lad, use the ram as a sacrifice.  Now I know Abraham, you will withhold nothing from me!

Do you see the corolation between the "type and shadow"  and the fulfillment of that picture prophecy?  Israel could ask the question, "Is Jesus the Messiah" because they already had the answer to compare the question to!

Beloved, the questions in your hour of need, doubt, or fear are a response of faith, that God already has an answer to in your challenging delimna!  Know that asking God questions or, questioning God is not sacreligious, it is simply asking for the solution that was prepared for you before time began.  Therefore take courage and let the Mate call to it's Mate!

God has an answer for you today!  Let it seek you out, and discover God has had you in His care, before you recognized there was a need to ask a question!

Remember, you are incredible, invaluable and incomparable!  You are Loved!


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Quoting Char:
I would love to share this with friends on facebook....a very timely word. Thanks

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I would love to share this with friends on facebook....a very timely word. Thanks
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