August 2012 Insight - Is New in You?

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I took time this afternoon to study this passage in the original language.  This is what I discovered.

Behold- This word means to look with expectation, intention, and to comprehend.

Do- (AWSAW) This word means to creatively draw out.

Know - (YAWDAH') The meaning implies to perceive and see, to find out and discern.

As I studied, I began to recognize the value of this passage.  I was not so impressed with the declaration of God doing something new.  He is always doing new things.  What apprehended my attention was the stark warning of us missing it. Shall you not know it?  As I meditated on these five words, the Holy Spirit began to teach me.

How could I miss this new thing?  I miss it because I don't recognize it.  Then as if changing the channels on my TV.,  my mind immediately shifted to the word AWSAW,- to creatively draw out.  I first studied this word in the book of Genesis chapter 2, where God says to Himself, Let us make (AWSAW) creatively draw out,man in our image, after our likeness.

As I  connected the dots, I began to see comparisons between the two passages.  Here they are:

First, both passages are used as a first mention principle.  The first mention principle is a hermeneutical principle which sets the value and meaning of all other following mentions after the first.  In other words, a first mention principle is a prototype, not a stereotype.  Therefore the difficulty is, it is definitively new.  There is nothing before it in which to compare.

Second, It is implied that you can miss it.  How can I miss the new thing?  Well, we miss it because we do not recognize it.  How can I not recognize something new?  Simple, follow me:

We must realize that the new thing is creatively drawn out of that which it was created for.  Therefore, though it is new, it carries the DNA of that which it was drawn from.  Literally Beloved, the new thing that is coming forth is coming forth out of you.  Then you might ask, how can I miss it?  Here is your answer!  I don't recognize the new thing because I don't know me!  I don't know me, because I don't know the one in whom I came forth from. In other words if I don't have intimacy with God,  Who brought me forth, I cannot have intimacy with self,  because I do not know myself.  If I am not self-aware, I cannot be aware  of the new thing that comes forth from me.

My plea to you is to know God!  My greater plea is if you know God, discover yourself.  The Holy Spirit desires to reveal you to you!  Many of us cannot enter into new things because we have not developed an internal resorvior of self-awareness to develop the new thing.  You recognize the new thing, because you designed it internally,  therefore you can follow its map when you see it manifesting externally.

I like to put it this way, "When the old you is understood, the new you is revealed!  When the new you is revealed, the new thing in you, can no longer be concealed"!

Beloved, this is a season of new beginnings, shall you not KNOW it?  I believe you can and you will.  Why?, Because I believe, you believe,



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