September 2012 Insight — Are YOU in Overlap!

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The answer to your question is not that difficult!  If I'm not getting the correct answer to a posed question, maybe I need to look at the question from different angle!  For an example, if I look at life as a multiplicity of segments connecting and trailing each other, I will always see life in time frames and not as a whole!  This can be detrimental.  Why, because I can get stuck in a traumatic time frame, and not see the event working for my good.  However, If I can see life as one continuous trailer, not compartmentalized, then I can grasp that, the process of change is defined by three distinct yet collective events.  What are the events?  I'm so glad you asked!

The first, is the event of conclusion or maturity!  The second is the event of a new beginning!  However, the third is the event we seldom recognize.  This event is called OVERLAP!  The number nine specifies finality.  The number nine is the last of the mathematical digits, thus marks the end, and is significant for the conclusion of a matter.  Why, because mature endings are not recognized as endings until there is a demarcation!  What defines the demarcation of an ending, is a new beginning.  Think about it.  when you watch a movie that will be sequelled, it says before the credits, THE END!  However, because the plot was not satisfied, you know there is more to come.

When you and I begin a new thing, we must strain out the fragments of the old psychologically, spiritually, socially, and sometimes physically.  This process of straining is what I define as OVERLAP! Yes, you may have matured and concluded a thing by beginning something new.  However, until the straining occurs at the line of demarcation, and there is true separation from the old to the new, you cannot enter into finality!

Here's how it works!  You must challenge the old fragment:

Psychologically - Old mental models must be compared to the new thing to see if they are still relevant, or if new mental models need to be defined.

Spiritually - You must take inventory of your spiritual maturity in order to discern if you are accurately reading what God is doing.  Remember, most miss overlap because we assume the new thing should be a greater continuation of the old. (Joseph did the same thing as prime minister of Egypt as he did in the prison, but he had to make drastic changes in the above mentioned categories to assume his position.  Therefore, when all was finalized, what he did as prime minister looked nothing like what he did in prison.)

Socially - Joseph had to learn to communicate and relate to a very different caliber of society to accomplish his task.  (Who are you running with, or should I ask, who is running with you?)

Physically - Many people are never seen because they have become the comfortable back-drop of the past.  Joseph had to shave his beard, cut his hair, and enrobe himself with Egypt's apparel before his presentation before Pharaoh.  Why?  Egyptian culture despised facial hair.  When you are sent, you will always go looking like what you were sent to.  Why, because, the only way people are comfortable enough to receive something new, is when it looks like them!

Are you stuck today?  Are you confused and overwhelmed?  It's ok!  God has you in His control!  You are simply in OVERLAP, and the Father is bringing something to finality, because these garments don't fit you any longer!

Remember, you are unique, incredible incomparable and irreplaceable!  YOU are LOVED!

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