January 2013 Insight

Category: Prophetic Insights

In 2013, God is releasing a renewed revelation of grace that has not been embraced in hundreds of years.  It began, four years ago with a prophecy from Bill Johnson.  When chaos, craziness and rebellion (all sin)  abound, GRACE does much more abound!

We as church leaders and teachers have become so compromised, we have mixed grace with law.  God is bringing us back to the purity of the grace message.  Grace is not the freedom to sin.  It is the freedom not to sin. (Rom. 6)  If you truly understand grace,  you are no longer required to (do) good things.  You get to do God things, and it is not laborious!

Beginning in 2013, this grace message is going to ravage the institutionalized church, exposing leaders who are using law to control and manipulate the saints!  The understanding of biblical grace will spread throughout the continents, producing revival as we have not known it.  (The foundation to any true revival is rooted in grace)  It is only when men get invoved and attempt to control the message and the move of God, (and people) the revival dies.  We will begin to behold a move of God so global and great, it will make the Jesus Movement of my generation look like "Side Walk Sunday School".

This year will mark a global force of a missions thrust as we have never known.  Most of the American church will not recognize it because the missionaries will come from China and Latin America!  American church, don't be discouraged by this.  This is the seed of the blood of our missionaries who gave their lives and watered other nations with martyrs blood.  Our seed we have sown to the nations is coming to maturity, and sowing seed to other nations!  Hallelujah!!!

What is chaos to the nations is climatic abundance for the church!!!  Even for those who feel they are losing everything, they are being set up to receive ALL things! I Cor. 3:21  Get ready for graces' abundances to be yours!

Remember, you are unique, incredible and incomparable!  You are loved.


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Wow...looking forward to the Prophetic Insight....the Klinks
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