Well, here we are about to enter the month of June of 2014!  The last up hill month of this year, and what an incredible first half of the year it has been.  There are so many prophecies coming to fruition, I can't keep up with it all!  When the Lord spoke to me at the end of last year about what He would do for the church in 2014, I didn't want to publish it because I thought people would think I was crazy or an opportunist.  So, I put the word to the test, and I'm seeing it come to pass!  Here is what God said:

In 2014 a series of grace manifestations would begin to occur for the church!  For the next seven years, the Holy Spirit is going to impart a seven-fold blessing of favor, effectual opportunities for increase,and platforming and recovery for those who would believe for it, receive it and administrate it.  The heavens are open wide for the individual who will apprehend it.  This impartation is seven-fold per year.  Seven-fold per year times seven.  Forty- nine years of opportunity in seven years.  WOW!!  I'm not really sure what all of this means, except if God is declaring it, I'm in on it!

We are seeing more miracles, financial increase, divine connections and effectual opportunities than ever before!  There is an intensity in the Spirit.  I am convinced we are in a season of divine recovery.  This is a manifestation of grace!!  You cannot earn this, you must move into it by faith!

You may be asking what constitutes this move of God?  I'm glad you asked!  God does something unique in 490 to 500 year cycles.  The most significant move of God 490 years ago was the Reformation.  That's right!  The Reformation began in 1517.  Four hundred and ninety years later would bring us to 2007.  I believe 2007 marked a new Reformation.  The 1517 Reformation declared "The just shall live by faith"!  I believe we are in a new Reformation declaring, "The just shall live through grace"!  We are experiencing a new movement of grace in the earth.  Not that grace has not been the focal point of the gospel, but rather we are in a new awareness of "solas gratia", grace alone! 

Now seven years later, in 2014, there is an emphasis being demonstrated in the Spirit that is a compounding of the fruit of God's grace in the church and the earth!

I want to encourage you to enter in!!  This is a season of refreshing in you and for you from the Throne of Grace!

You are postured to receive more than you know!  Ask God to grant you repentance (to rethink your position), and enter in!  (Acts 2:19-21)

Join me !  Hey, I'm waitin' on ya!! 


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