January 2015 The Year of Ascension Rest!

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As many of you know, each October I go before the Lord to inquire what He is going to emphasize and prophetically estabilsh for the new year.  Much to my suprise, 2014 was different!  Actually, in the early summer the Lord approached me regarding 2015!  This is what he began to tell me!

I want you to begin to make a clarion sound to the body of Christ, to those who have ears to hear!  Tell them, I am calling them to an ASCENSION REST!  As I began to seek the Lord regarding these words over the next several weeks, revelation began to come. This is what I heard without getting into all of the biblical numerology regarding 2015, or the Hebrew year 5775.  Though these are significant, because this year the meanings intersect, I thought it more relevant to just tell you what I heard regarding this year. Here it is!!

The Lord said to me, "Ray, First of all, I want you to stop living for me, and I want you to stop working for me"!  What?  I could not believe what I was hearing!  I thought I was being "fired" by God!  He also said, "tell my church the same thing"!  Tell them I am calling them to a new perspective!  They have been attempting to reign in their own flesh, theology, labors and efforts!  It is time for them to stop living for me and start living from me!

We have heard a miriad of teaching about Christ living in us.  However, we hear little teaching about us IN Christ.  Notice, II Cor. 5:17,  If any man is IN Christ, He is a new creation, old things are passed away, behold all things become new.

Much is to be said about being IN Christ!  Specifically, if I am IN Him, then I obviously flow forth from Him.  Is it possible we have been trying to live for Chirst, disected from Him, in our positional relationship!  Our prayer many times has been, "Lord, help me live for you"!

Notice JN. 15:5 - Jesus said, "I am the vine, you are the branches, he who abides in me and I in him bears much fruit!  Are branches the SOURCE of the fruit it bears? Of course not!  The fruit is only the extension of the root!  Have you noticed, watching a fruit tree bear fruit from it's limbs, groaning and grunting trying with all it's might to push fruit out. No, why not, Because fruit naturally extends from the life of the tree!  (Hmmmm, are you getting this?)  Before I can really capsulate this revelation, I must first answer some questions. Questions like, if I am IN Christ, then where is He?  Yes, He is in you, however, we are not asking a circuitus question.  Where is Christ?  He is seated at the Fathers right hand!  If so, then where are you?  Paul answers this question in addressing the church at Ephesus.  This is how he penned it in chapter 2 verses 4-6 - "but God being rich in mercy, for His great love wherewith He loved us, even when we were dead through our trespasses, made us alive together with Christ (by grace you have been saved) and raised us up with Him, and MADE US TO SIT WITH HIM IN HEAVENLY PLACES IN CHRIST JESUS! So, where are you?  You are in Christ at the Fathers right hand!  Is Jesus seated? Yes, why, because Jesus finished and completed His work!  If He completed His work, and He is seated, then I must not work because I am seated!  I must learn to rest. (HEB. 4) 

When I work, God will rest!  If I rest God will work!  My work is from God, not for God!  My life is from God, not for God!

Dear One, we are called to one fight!  The fight of faith! (I Tim. 6:12)  We are called to one labor!  To enter His rest! (Heb. 4:10)

I want to encourage you this year to stop living for God, and start living from Him!

Remember, you are unique, incredible, incomparable and irresistable!  You are passionately loved!!!


(This prophetic insight is taken from exerpts of the message entitled " 2015 - The Year of Ascension Rest)

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