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Created on Saturday, 31 December 2011 Written by Dr. Ray Vinson

Many are inquiring, if the number twelve is the number for Divine Order, is this year going to be the year of Divine Order?  I will simply answer it this way, yes, and, no.  Yes, because it is the earmark of the beginning of Divine Order.  No, because it won't look like it.  As Prophet Jerry Mullins and other prophets have stated,“we are simply in the eye of the storm.”  We who are familiar with hurrricane activity know two things about hurricanes.  One, that when the wind blows one direction for a period of time, and does not destroy what it was haling against, yet weakened it, when the back side of the storm hits, it will blow the opposite direction destroying from the new direction what was weakened from the previous direction!  In other words, “whatever can be shaken, will be shaken.”  Hmm, sounds vaguely scriptural doesn’t it.  Secondly, where ever a hurricane invades, it cleanses the atmosphere! Meditate on that!
AlaskaWPRRThe Lord revealed it to me this way.  The Kingdom is being released in dimensions we have never experienced.  The kingdom is a “train” of an engine with many cars.  As the train creeps up a steep hill under a heavy load, it “seems” to weaken, loose it’s momentum, it’s motivation.  It really hasn’t, it has the same strength and horsepower.  It is just confronting opposition.  However, as the engine peaks the hill and begins to go down the other side, the momentum from gravity begins to assist the engine in pulling the cars still on the upward bound, until the engine and number of cars going down the hill out number the cars coming up the hill, (yes it is late at night, no I have not been drinking, therefore, I am not babbling). STAY FOCUSED HERE!  Then you have gravity producing momentum from what Malcolm Gladwell coined as a phrase, (the tipping point).  Now gravity is pushing while the engine is pulling, and you have increased your g-force by five.
This beloved is what is happening in our world!  Remember when you prayed “God save our nation,” or “please change the wickedness in the world”?  Or, how about this one, “Your Kingdom come, Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven.”  As heaven invades earth, it is exposing and deposing every kingdom that does not align itself with the heavenly Kingdom.  As the Kingdom invades earth, it is forcing everything in between to be exposed and give an account for it’s right to exist.  The Kingdom of God, in it’s confrontation of the other opposing kingdoms is facing resistance.  However, in 2012, the Kingdom of God is going to peak the hill and begin it’s downward decent, with great pressure, because of the cars it is towing from the other side.
We will experience great pressure for another decade!  Just as it took a decade of chaos as the Kingdom (train) climbed the hill, so will we experience ten more years as we go down the hill.  The acceleration will not neccesarily alter our time value, but it will increase the momentum of strength value.
What does this mean for us?  I’m so glad you asked.  As children of the Kingdom, we should continue to seek God and apply Kingdom principles, use wisdom, and be led by the Spirit, (we will be as those in the land of Goshen). God is trying to teach us to be dependant on Him and not the world’s system.  Why, because He must have those who can assume rulership when the dust settles. (This is a GOD setup)  However, whatever you bow your knee to in compromise to the unstable kingdoms, as you are rising, is what will rule you, when you get to your top!
Therefore, accept that you are not of this world system, and that you will prosper, be in health and increase in abundant blessing, in the midst of dynasties shaking all around you.  Why because you are a stone in the unshakable Kingdom!
This is your year for Divine Gravity and Momentum!!!  This is your year for unanswered prayer!!!  Divine Order is increasing!!!
Remember, you are incredible, invaluable and irresistable!  You are loved!
Riding the Train with you,

Dr. Ray


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