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July 2012 Insight - Choices, Decisions and the Almond Branch

Here we are in the month of July.  As you probably notice by now, I escaped the month of June without a prophetic insight!  My apologies!  I took the month for reflection, preparation for fall and multiple birthdays.  Please don't let this lead you to think I did not do anything during June.  On the contrary, I ministered at camp meetings, and experienced the birth of my first grandchild, Halli Elice Williams!

With the business of the June month, I knew something was building in my spirit for July!  I texted many of those in the network regarding what was coming.  If you did not receive the text, let me send you the clarion call.  JULY IS SIGNIFICANT!!!!  How do we know this?


March 2012 - The Most Avoidable Subject On The Planet

Last Thursday I officiated a unique Service for Mary's mother who had crossed over, after seventy six years on this planet.  No, it was not a funeral, it was a Celebration of Life Service.  To say the least it was unconventional.  The emotions mixture was a little volital, but for the most part, there were smiles, laughing and memories.  Then came my part of the service.

It was alotted to me to talk about that most avoidable subject, DEATH!  Have you ever asked yourself the question why no one except the guys in the black suits who work at the mortuary are the ones who want to talk about the "D" word.  Could it be that the discomfort of discussing the subject is because death is not natural?  Think about it!  God's intended order for man, was to never experience death!  No one likes to think, much less discuss something that does not follow the natural order of things.  Yes, it is true, in the beginning God did not want to introduce us to death.  However, our Great Papa, Adam did it for us.  So let's talk about it in just a few points.

First of all, this is a prophetic subject.  Why, because Jesus said, in John 11:26, "He who believes in me will never die."  Was Jesus using hyperboly?  Maybe He was just mistaken, or confused.  Is it possible that Jesus knew exactly what He was talking about, and we are the ones who are confused about the abrupt definite ending of life.  Or is it the end of life?


May 2012 Insight - Who is Seeking Who?

As I sit here looking out my living room window at my elk cows heavy, and ready to calve, I ponder the circle of life.  In taking inventory of my own life, a boy behind the eight ball, born illegitimate, and abandoned by my mother at ten weeks of age.  Physically, emotionally, and sexually abused, I know the fear of abandonment and the crippling sting of rejection.  Yes, I was born behind the eight ball, but at sixteen years of age, I was born again.  As I recollect,  I am flooded with gratitude that God would give me the opportunity to enter earth’s realm, and enjoy the blessing of life.


February 2012 — Let’s Talk About the North Wind

tornadoHurricanes, Tornados and North Winds, what do they have in common?  They are all atmospherical cleansers. 

Out of the north blows the cool wind, to the south where it is warm. When the two collide, a violent disturbance for dominance insues.  When the upper cold atmosphere rides over the lower warm atmosphere, the cold heavier than the warm,  drops to the earth's surface causing an updraft, where convergance of the two atmospheres (dance) for supremacy.  A tornado is formed, and can leave in it's wake immense devistation, or simply by it's pressure drive a broom straw through a telephone pole without disturbing any thing else! 

Consider a hurricanne.  When the cool waters of the north are driven by the jet stream into the warmer waters, a simular phenomena occurs.  Cold meets warm, and it is on! 


April 2012 Insight - What came first, the Question or the Answer?

As I was sitting at my desk Tuesday, a student from the Seminary entered the office to discuss life experience credits to be offered toward her degree program.  We discussed the subject pertaining to her questions, and I expected her to rise from her chair and leave.  Instead, she gazed at me attentively and said,"Dr. Ray, I have another question."  My reply to her was, "o.k., how can I help you?  She said, in our last class you made mention of a principle you had already taught students from previous semesters that left me baffled.  Please help me understand!  I asked her, what principle are you refering to?  She said," You asked the class again, what comes first, the question or the answer"?  My son, she said who attended last semester said, he had been applying the principle to his own life and discovered it was bearing fruit for him.  Dr. Vinson, please explain to me what this principle means!


Prophetic Insights to Grace

As you know, for the last several months I have been dissuading believers from the Old Testament Law that has passed away.  But let's take a few moments and talk about it's replacement.  The replacement is GRACE!  I know, you are saying, "I know all about grace."  I know we sing "Amazing Grace"  and extend grace to others when they disappoint us, but is that all grace is?  Yes, Grace is all of this and so much more.  Notice what Paul says in Colossians 2:13,14  "And when you were dead in your transgressions and the un-circumcision of your flesh, He made you alive together with Him, having forgiven us all our transgressions (past, present and future) emphasis mine, having canceled out the debt consisting of decrees against us and which was hostile to us;and He has taken it out of the way having nailed it to the cross.


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