About The Institute for Biblical Leadership

The Institute for Biblical Leadership is a think-tank entity providing personal ministry, counseling, educational, psychological and self-development materials to church leaders and Christian business people.

Our Vision is to produce healthy, informed, and effective Christian leadership in the church and marketplace.

Our Mission is to engage Christian leadership through training in the areas of spiritual development, intellectual empowerment, and personal awareness.

We are accomplishing this task through several venues:

The Champions Round-table — is an intense three hour think-tank venue dealing with various subjects challenging effective ministry and/or personal development of the Christian leader.

ibllogoThe Summit of Champions — an intense 60 hour winter retreat specifically for Church leadership and their families. The summit is designed to assist the leader in the understanding of destiny development, leading to encounters of refocus, refreshment, and revitalization.

Counseling — we provide discreet, qualified pastoral counseling for church leaders and Christian business people.

Church Leadership Assessment — we provide assessment for church leaders in spiritual gifting, iniquitial weaknesses, personality profiling, and the peculiarity of the call.

On Going Education — the educational branch of the Institute for Biblical Leadership is Dominion Seminary of Theology. Dominion Seminary is a high quality accredited, under-graduate and graduate level higher learning institution. Dominion Seminary offers degrees in Theology, Biblical Counseling, and Biblical Arts.

What makes Dominion unique is that all personal development programs of IBL are integrated into the curriculum of Dominion Seminary. Also, each campus is local church based. In other words, you can have an accredited seminary on your church campus training your church leaders. The tuition is extremely affordable and the education is life rewarding.

IBLtargetI.B.L. is the Center Circle in the Target of Mastery

There are three levels of relationship in I.B.L.

1)  The I.B.L. Participant — This is one who attends I.B.L. functions for encouragement and information, but does not want to enter into relationship with I.B.L.  or it members.

2)  The I.B.L. Fellow —  This is one who attends I.B.L. functions and is actively developing a relationship with I.B.L. Senior Fellows and Leaders.

3)  The I.B.L. Senior Fellow — This is one who attends I.B.L. functions, builds relationships, participates in various Personal Development Programs, and is in active contribution at some level to I.B.L.

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